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Sunday, July 29, 2007

VoIP Safe For Emergency Situations

According to a new regulation passed by Ofcom, all U.K. based VoIP providers catering to residentials and online voice networks are required to provide 999 emergency functionality to their clients. Most of the major players of VoIP service industry already have this functionality as part of their service. However this stringent move on the part of Ofcom will ensure that this essential service will be a part of the features provided by all the VoIP service providers.

This move is definitely a great way to ensure that in times of emergency no mishap takes place due to unavailability of 999 VoIP emergency access. Additionally it will make VoIP telephony service more reliable and a secure way to connect.

For months now emergency access through voice over IP service has been an issue of concern. Reason being that VoIP telephony service does not provide an area dependent phone number. As a result when a voice over IP user tries to call the emergency number the assistant at the other end at times is unable to figure out the location from where the call is being made.

With this regulation on IP telephony this scenario is likely to change ensuring a safe and dependable voice over IP solution to the users.

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