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Monday, July 9, 2007

The next stride forward

In my previous blog i had mentioned some points that one needs to consider before investing in VoIP services. Let me spell out a few more...

...Technical or customer support is an essential element of the VoIP package that you are offered. My service provider offers me 24/7 tech support over online chat. Whenever you face any problem with your VoIP service, the service provider should ensure that the process is easy and quick. All that should be required of you is to log on to MSN and inform the technical team about it. This is the chief reason why I have never considered changing my provider. I hope they pay me for this blatant promotion!

Also to be sure of the security of service that you will be getting, it is a good idea to find out the retention rate of their customers. Additionally, there should be multiple points of presence(POP)and switches. This will help minimize the latency and give you better connectivity.

Center your queries around the rates offered, kind of quality provided, technical support service, retention rate and number of POP's and switches for ensuring that you get an uninterrupted VoIP telephony service.

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