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Friday, July 20, 2007

On A Marathon With VoIP- Continued

Continuing with one of my previous blogs titled “On a marathon with VoIP” I will try to list another business opportunity that one can take advantage of for increasing their revenue generation( read- $$$$'s !)

Elaborating on the above mentioned blog, ideally an internet service provider, system integrators, hardware & software product manufacturers, call shop owners, calling card companies among a host of others can provide VoIP service in a creative way to earn big moolah.

For instance, if you are dealing with calling cards or if you are an internet telephony service provider then the best option would be to provide bundle up services with voice over IP i.e. by unifying your existing service with VoIP call termination facility.

This will give you two fold advantage. By providing a bundle up service you will be able to attract customers since you will be offering them the convenience to take care of just a single bill at the end of the month( who prefers to maintain a track record of numberless bills..i don't!). Additionally your product line and profit margin will increase without making any substantial investment( as mentioned previously, the service provider owns and maintains the entire infrastructure and the technical equipments needed to transmit the call).

Let your creative spirit drive while you sit in the super fast VoIP jalopy and see yourself win the race!

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