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Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Step towards VoIP

The first step is always the most crucial. After that it is more or less a smooth run. Same is the case with VoIP call termination services. One has to start with selecting a VoIP provider. There are a large number of VoIP service providers existing in the telecom sector and the choice can be tough to make.

There are certain parameters that could be followed. Rates are definitely one of the criteria that I would suggest you take into account. Opt for a VoIP provider who offers you competitive rates. Lesser the rates more would be the savings! Since we are talking about telephony services, quality of service automatically comes to the forefront. No matter which provider’s website you browse, chances are they will all be seen reinforcing that they are providing crystal clear voice quality and minimum latency.

So whom to believe? Well there are essentially two ways for judging the quality. You can ask for their ACD (average call duration), ASR (average success ratio) and PDD (post duration delay) ratio's. ACD should be between 4-5 minutes, ASR between 40-50% and PDD between 2-3 seconds in order to ensure good voice quality. Secondly, a provider who has tie ups with Tier-1 provider will be able to provide better quality routes for VoIP call transmission.

To be continued…

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