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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Expect The Unexpected With Nokia And VoIP

We can at last begin to expect the unexpected from mobile providers. Where most of the mobile companies are busy closing data ports to disable use of various web based applications which enable calls through VoIP call termination service; Nokia has gone ahead and set an example for the rest of the mobile providers by enabling skype calls through its N800 model.

It requires a WiFi connection, in opposition to the traditional 3G network, to log on to the internet through N800 and from there you can download skype application from its website. Seems like finally there is a provider whose not scared of competition!

This move on Nokia's part might lure VoIP users to buy its handset too. A single move has placed N800 model on a platform above other handsets which do not allow VoIP termination service.

Integration of a mobile with VoIP service is an important step towards spreading the availability of this multi functional and flexible technology.

More on VoIP later...till then happy voiping around!

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