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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vonage Lending A New Sun To SunRocket's Users?

A day after the sudden shut down of SunRocket, a Vienna based VoIP Service Provider, Vonage is lending a helping hand to its subscribers by offering them to transit their phone number to Vonage at no extra charge. Along with this 2 months free service will also be provided to those who decide to opt for their U.S. Residential Premium Unlimited Plan.

Besides this 25 value added features are also a part of the package on offer.

Seems like a great deal for SunRocket subscribers, right? Well, I have a different take on this. Firstly why would anyone want to migrate to another VoIP provider whose future is anyways in a dillydally?( Unless they prefer this pendulum like state!).

Another interesting development is that there are several subscribers who are claiming that Vonage has been unable to transfer their SunRocket number to Vonage! Not sure till how far this rumor is true but if it is, then it seems like Vonage has not learned its lesson in customer satisfaction!

My bigger concern over these recent developments is that somewhere down the line it seems like even big giants, in this case SunRocket and Vonage, seem to be completely ignorant not just about business ethics but also perhaps the way to project their brand image and services. Is their PR executive not bothered about the negative publicity this would provoke or perhaps they are a believer of the fact that any publicity is good publicity? Food for thought!

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