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Monday, July 16, 2007

On A Marathon with VoIP

There is no doubt about the fact that VoIP has begun to gradually spread its wings across the globe, facilitating so much of our daily communication needs. VoIP brings along with it various business opportunities too.
One of my long time friends has been thinking about becoming a VoIP reseller for quiet sometime. However, the thought of spending thousands of dollars needed for the initial set up was a huge deterrent.

Well, there are premium VoIP service providers who offer hosted VoIP service thereby managing the entire technical backend process and infrastructure needed for call termination. The service would allow you focus only on the marketing aspect of the business. Talk about reaping the harvest without sowing the seed!

As a result, there is no capital investment, low set up charges and no recurring costs. You can easily become a VoIP reseller and get an added advantage of selling a very lucrative technology which is only going to grow in future, with minimum risks involved.

Additionally, it is not essential for the reseller to understand VoIP technology inside out. Anyone who has a strong and widespread client base can become a voice over IP reseller. There are 2 reseller plans on offer namely- standard and white label reseller program. The only difference between them is of the branding. White label offers you the benefit to re-brand the services in your existing brand. So, you get to use the brand image that you have cultivated to your advantage when you launch this new service. Not just this but it also increases your product line.

So is it time to become a VoIP reseller and gain along with this propitious technology....definitely a thought to mull over. I would definitely answer in the affirmative.

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