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Thursday, August 2, 2007

VoIP On A All Time High

Great piece of news for VoIP providers. Yankee Group's "Growing Pains Persist in an Adolescent Market: Yankee Group's 2007 US Consumer VoIP Subscriber Forecast" reports that the users of residential VoIP services in U.S. has grown to 9% in 2006, a major rise from 4% in 2005. This augmentation comes mainly from cable companies and broadband VoIP providers.

The growth of VoIP users in a country like U.S is clearly mirroring the fact that VoIP is fast spreading across the globe with no signs what so ever to slow down. If it continues to grow at the same pace, which it is most likely to, it will only be a matter of years till it completely takes over the traditional modes of communication.

This also gives a green signal to all those who were till now apprehensive about venturing into this revolutionary technology.

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