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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

MTNL Takes VoIP To Nepal

Finally MTNL, a state run telephony provider has been given the permission by Nepalese government to start VoIP call termination service in the state. MTNL will provide the service as UTL which is a joint venture of MTNL and VSNL. Two other providers namely, TCIL and a local Nepalese telephony provider have also attained the permission to offer IP telephony service in Nepal.

This step comes as a precaution to check the illegal international long distance calls by cyber cafe's and VoIP service providers which has been eating tremendous money of the state.

VoIP telephony will not only check this illegal business thereby helping the government to save the money lost due to it but will also help in hugely saving the cost of call transmission by offering a cheaper and more efficient mode of communication.

It is thus time for Nepalese population to make merry for they will get to be a part of this ongoing telecommunication revolution which has been brought about by voice over IP services.

This step by the government has added another feather in the cap of VoIP termination service for it shows that VoIP is not only rising the popularity charts but it is also getting acceptance by various countries clearing the path for a faster and consistent growth across the globe.

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