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Monday, August 13, 2007

Health Industry Benefits From VoIP

We are not new to the multitude of benefits that VoIP services have to offer. The latest buzz is that Central Middlesex hospital in North West London which was in the process of upgradation has deployed VoIP telephony service in order to reap the advantages of this promising new technology. It is believed that this switch came about in order to help them save the telephony charges and to cut down on the cables.

Their VoIP service provider has helped the hospital to retain their previous numbers by helping them to connect seamlessly with their traditional analogue phone lines. The hospital now enjoy a single switchboard which alone helps route all the calls thereby increasing the efficiency and cutting down on the cost of operations.

The system will further be improved to provide interactive voice response system which will enable the callers to simply call out the name of the person they wish to contact and the call would then automatically be transferred to that particular staff number. So the hard to remember phone extensions have taken a back seat!

This is yet another example of different sectors converging their traditional telephone lines with voice over IP service to increase their savings and raise the efficiency level of their daily operations. These simple features not just help make an organisation more efficient and productive but also makes available a more responsive service to the end users.

VoIP service providers offer different features in order to help business houses or residentials get the most out of this service. For instance 24x7 online support service is one such feature which helps you get unremitting telephony service. iCallGlobe a U.K. Based VoIP service provider has a resilient support staff which functions 24x7 through online web interface to ensure a ceaseless voice over IP service.

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