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Friday, August 24, 2007

Skype Offers A 7 Day Feast To Their Users

Skype has decided to provide free telephony service for a period of seven days to their customers. This measure comes as a move to take away any dissatisfaction that its customers might be facing due to disruption in their service sometime last week.

About a million users of Skype were logged out last week for 2-3 days after a major Skype outrage. Skype provides internet telephony service through peer to peer technology. This also means that in a peer to peer technology where one is both a server and client, in case of failure of one the other would automatically take its place. However this sudden outrage has proved otherwise.

According to Skype this sudden outrage was caused when its users downloaded a Microsoft patch which lead to their computers being restarted. As a result a chain reaction ensued with Skype server being over loaded with log-in requests from its users. Customers were unable to connect from Thursday and were finally able to log-in on Saturday.

This disruption tremendously effected the residentials and business class especially the small business houses. Only people who heaved a sigh of relief were the ones who have a back up service like their mobile phones. This brings into question the reliability of peer to peer service that relies on public internet. One of the main reasons as to why public internet can not be depended on solely for daily communication needs is that once voice packets enter the public network interface no preference is given to them over data or video packets. As a result quality issues like latency and jitters take place.

This is precisely why enterprises who give priority to their communication structure take VoIP call termination service from VoIP service providers. This ensures quality, reliability and stability of their everyday communication.

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