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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Samsung Monitors Arrive With VoIP Functionality

Just when I was thinking that VoIP should come up with something new and better to add on to its already fabulous range of features and services, Samsung Electronics has gone ahead and introduced two 22” monitor equipped with VoIP application. They were launched at IFA exhibition this year. The VoIP application gives it the ability to showcase video conferencing feature. One of the models SyncMaster 220 TN is said to have a built in camera, network module, microphone and speaker. So we can now use VoIP applications like Skype or other chat messengers without our PC.

Finally you can talk to your friends, relatives or clients even when you need to take a washroom break! All you would need is an Ethernet connection and power. Never again will the client be cut off during an important discussion. I, for one, used to find it really infuriating to leave an important conversation midway simply because I had to move out of the office. Now you can even be sitting in a lounge bar and giggling over the monitor with your long distance beau!

The only difference between its lesser counterpart 225 UW is that it comes embedded with a 2 post USB hub while SyncMaster 220 TN has 4 port USB port. Besides this, 225 UW lacks the PC free calling features. Rest of the specifications are almost the same.

I personally like the look of it and the specifications are way too tempting to stop myself from owning one of these little babies. The only hitch is the size. There are other monitors available in the market which are bigger in size.

Samsung banking on the VoIP functionality feature clearly shows how every sector is trying to make the best use of this new and cheap telephony.

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FreedomVOICE said...

This is so cool! Can't want to take a look at this for our hosted VoIP PBX service!