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Friday, September 28, 2007

Opportunity To Step Into VoIP Business

In my previous posts I have discussed about VoIP and its benefits besides discussing about the current news that is creating a buzz in the IP telecommunication field. I have been watching the voice over IP market quiet closely in order to study the new services or solutions that are on offer by different VoIP service providers. Honesty, there are quiet a few interesting things that have caught my eye and I was kind of confused while trying to select what to mention in the blog.

A couple of days back one of my friends, whose working for iCallglobe, one of the premium VoIP service providers, gave me some meaty information. iCallglobe, has come up with a new website, ( its trading style). Now initially I was quiet curious to find out what would be different between the two websites, for I strongly believe that a provider should always concentrate on one website if the services are inter-related, instead of coming up with numerous sites.

As it turns out, connect2globe has come up with very profitable business solutions for people interested in stepping in the IP telephony sector. They are offering tailor made platforms for multitude services like PC2Phone Service, Calling Cards, SMS Services, IP PBX Services, Callback Services, Managed Partitioning Services and Managed NOC Services.

The thought behind coming up with these services was that many people stop in their tracks when thinking of venturing into the voice over IP field, for the investment required is quiet high. With the help of these ready made platforms the need to make high investment will completely diminish. Additionally they are said to be focusing on providing enhanced quality service and ease of operations. iCallglobe is known for providing 24x7x365 technical support through live chat. The same plus point is furnished to the clients of connect2globe too.

iCallglobe,established in 2004, has come a long way since then and seems to be going strong( taking their high customer retention rate as well as the yearly profits into consideration).

You can check out their new website at-

More to follow up on this...ciao till then!


Technozite said...

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hi thanks for such information its great!

Whim said...

this is the best blog for voIP

hope to be back here soon...

jasnils said...

Cool article, and there are other service providers doing the same. For instance

Have been trying their services for a while and the quality is just as good or better as regular phone calls I have tried to the same destinations incl. US, UK, Nigeria, Caribean, and China.

Gaurav said...


steve said...

Very true. Good one!

Sunny said...

well... interesting information.. but please elaborate more on the services connect to globe will be offering and how it is going to be benficial to the end consumer.

Elaborating on the type of services that are being offered and who will be the target customers, for these services.