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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New VoIP Quality Monitoring Diagnostic Platform Cuts ISP Call Center Queues

For the first time in the advanced telecommunication industry, Internet service providers or ISPs are offering their Voice over internet protocol or VOIP users to diagnose faults in the VOIP process. To check problem in the IP process, ISPs offer Vocalite, a new diagnostic platform to monitor internet telephony problem regarding the VoIP quality. Vocalite offers Epitiro, the internet performance expert, to control throughput, jitter and latency within the network core. In addition, Epitiro is designed to ensure the reliability and quality of VoIP delivery, speed troubleshooting and help the ISP to monitor and ensure VOIP quality of experience. Epitiro is flexible in nature and allows user to automate the schedule call anytime i.e. 24*7*365. For monitoring and testing, automated test schedules are considered as an important component to enable benchmarking of voice service quality before the customer do.

Vocalite is the next generation customer support solution based on a concept of empowering the subscriber's VoIP faults. Vocalite offers the diagnostic information to subscriber via web-browser on either the instructions of service provider's contact center or end-users. After completing a thorough two-way analysis of connection, Vocalite provides subscriber with a basic summary of the test and results will be automatically sent to the service provider. In the meantime Customer Service Representatives (CSR) can have an access to an extensive list of test results including Call Setup time, Dial Tone Delay and more importantly, voice quality. Moreover, CSR allows visual pass and fail indicators to assure adequate service quality and acknowledges the presence of a fault. This reduces the need of second line support staff.

From an end-user's perspective, Vocalite measures the call quality across the virtually existing provider's network. This enables network providers to keep an eye on both physical network, key applications and switches to fix any problem before they reach the end-users.

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