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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hosted VOIP Services - The growth continues.....

The way we communicate is changing by the day. And the implementation of new and innovative techniques is playing a significant role in this context. One could take the example of hosted VOIP services, for instance.

In hosted VoIP services, the physical telecom equipment is located off the premises of the client companies, this means that maintenance of equipment is not the client's liability. This inherent flexibility of hosted services makes them very much popular among corporate houses - more specifically, the small and medium businesses.

Hosted VOIP services have special significance for small businesses. And the reasons are quite evident. Small businesses often lack the capital or the infrastructure to deploy and manage full-fledged enterprise-wise VOIP solutions. For this category of business users, subscribing to hosted VoIP services is the next logical alternative. In this discussion, we are assuming that the business groups are thinking rationally. They want to employ the best that technology has to offer to enhance their profit margins.

Recent figures substantiate the claim mentioned above. According to the result of recent research, the use of hosted VoIP services has increased significantly, more so among small businesses. The future global trend is that the growth in hosted VoIP services would continue.

These results should not cause any raised eye-brows. In addition to flexibility, hosted VOIP services have several other factors going for it as well. Significant cost savings and feature functionality are two of the more important factors that need to be mentioned in this context. Easy integration with other data networks also go in favour of hosted VoIP.

The popularity of hosted VOIP solutions is expected to increase further with the convergence of voice, data, video and mobility.

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