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Monday, December 24, 2007

Uses of calling cards in voip

Talking for long at only few pounds made me awestruck! Yes that's true, after calling my friends and relatives across the country, I had more than half of calling amount left on my card. The voice quality was excellent without any interruptions or gaps. I found the card really worthwhile for my longer distance and international calls. Well, this is because calling cards are based on VOIP technology of packet switching technique over IP network. This packet switching network reduces the per-minute charge of the call.

Calling cards are the prepaid cards which carries pre-charged amount. These cards on VOIP are used for making long distance and international calls at cheaper rates compared to conventional PSTN. Before buying the card always focus on important points like phone rates, renew ability, rollover minutes, hidden fees and quality of call. This is because there are many providers who are offering calling cards. The best thing about the calling card on Voip is that they are easily available in affordable range i.e. $5 to $100. For making a call using calling card, one must possess high speed IP network i.e. broadband connection, Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) as well as phone.

Calling near and dear ones across the world from calling cards reduces the cost and increases the efficiency. I would like to share few points with others who are looking forward to avail calling cards on VOIP:

1. Longer distance and international calls
2. Reduces the call rate
3. Minimum Latency on call
4. Increases the call efficiency
5. Increases the voice quality
6. No geographical constraint
7. Reliable and secure mode of communication
8. Offers functionality

In order to save money on longer distance or international call, calling cards are very effective. The uses that I came across made me really happy and satisfied.

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