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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Full functional VoIP billing software

The drastic increase in the market ratio of VoIP service and users review motivated me to opt for IP services. The IP services allow transmitting voice, images and videos over a single network or the internet. Well, this increases the call productivity and cost efficiency, as bill is charged on the basis of per-minute call. The research on the VoIP billing software made me satisfied over the billing transactions too.

For accessing everyone’s bills, service providers or business houses refer to VoIP billing software to generate or track the customer’s bill. The VoIP billing is tightly integrated with popular gateways, gatekeepers, proxies and soft switches from recognised vendors. Currently, telephony billing system used by the businesses or providers is based on non-IP standards.

While focusing on the reasons why most of the service providers and enterprises are opting for this software based in facts. For instance, VoIP billing software integrates features like authentication, authorisation, unlimited scalability, web-based administration and accounting. If the billing is not on the time and accurate then there is chance of losing customers and revenues.

The VoIP billing system focuses even on unlimited price structures, manages complex revenue sharing relationships as well as provides comprehensive customer self-care using the Web or IVR. The billing software allows comprehensive web-based billing platforms, DID, location exchanges as well as A-Z termination routes to set up, manage, and expand VoIP businesses. With the billing software, you can even maintain complete control over product branding, design, and marketing.

In a nutshell, billing software can be the perfect solution to bill related problems. It can not only help to get your billing done fast, but also helps the provider to manage and save customer contacts as well as maintain sales reports.


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