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Monday, March 17, 2008

VoIP enabled on the Sony PS3

The saga of one-upmanship between two titans of gaming consoles continues. But this time, it’s with a twist. It’s not better graphics or improved game play that is the matter of concern.

Sony has recently introduced inter-user VoIP communication in its games with the result of firmware update 2.4. While this feature had already been available on the Xbox and the Xbox 360 since its launch, via the Xbox live feature, the question at stake is not that why didn’t Sony retaliate it at that point of time? If one remembers correctly, in May 2007, Jajah, an Austria based VoIP provider, had announced that it has developed a web interface which would support the PS3 in making and receiving calls. After that announcement, that news was lost in anonymity, probably because the PS3’s interface might have suffered or the game performance would have been lackluster. There is no mention of the same anywhere on Wikipedia also, which is very strange, considering almost ‘tying’ up with a brand like Sony could have done wonders to the market value of Jajah, If it would have worked. Apparently, it didn’t.

As far as the recent upgrade is concerned, it is still for the users to see whether it is effective or not. But if it is, it would definitely be a huge hit among PS3 fans. There would also be an improved in-game chat feature, which could be integrated in the Xross Media Bar. And for your information, the Xross bar has been awarded an Emmy award for its interface. So, things seem to be finally falling into place for Sony. However, this could be a little too late as the Xbox 360 has already taken a huge lead over the PS3 due to its early launch. While Sony did claim that the delay in its release was due to problems in the digital rights management (DRM) of its revolutionary Blu-ray interface, the fact still remains that the Xbox took the early initiative and has benefited immensely.

Earlier in March also, the PS3 had sort of followed the Xbox to create a community of its own. What amazes me is the constant news that Sony is repeatedly doing what the Xbox has done. While learning from your competitors is a good thing, you must also use your own brains for once. The PS3 has had a rather disappointing 2007, with Playstation boss Jack Tretton admitting that there were “missteps” (according to an article on While this latest ‘innovation’, if it can be called that, is the latest in the list of the Sony PS3, the future for this console looks very uncertain, due to two factors; for one, the Xbox and Wii are going as strong as ever, and the rising expectations are continuing to lead to the downfall of this gaming console, which is the successor of the original and the PS2, both of which were huge hits even ten ears after their launch.

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