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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Go mobile with multiple SIPs: Gtalk2VoIP launches Talkonaut 4.0

Recently I had the opportunity to go through Tom Keating’s blog on It was a very good read and I was exposed to a lot of info after reading it…

OK, let’s cut out on all the obvious praises. I read the blog because Tom Keating is supposed to be a very learned man (which he is, without any doubt) and because the news he was talking about was really something interesting.

Talkonaut, a mobile application by Gtalk2VoIP, had recently been upgraded to serve the functions of providing VoIP telephony on the Symbian 60 OS mobile phones, which would necessarily imply Nokia handsets. While most of the smartphones by Nokia did have a separate SIP stack for VoIP telephony, this feature works only on Wifi. However, Talkonaut has its own VoIP SIP stack via which mobile users could make calls over most of the general data connections present in a mobile phone such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wifi. Further, as is the main purpose of Gtalk2VoIP, the user can also make calls to Google Talk users, SIP phones, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ voice capable IM clients. This fourth edition of the same can also allow users to receive free calls from SIP phones (or for that matter, any other VoIP network).

However, a striking feature that is not provided by any other mobile telephony service provider is the provision to have multiple SIP accounts onto the same mobile handset. This might prove to be a smart strategy to attract frequent users of Talkonaut’s competitors. While Talkonaut might not offer the lowest rates everywhere, they may be providing cheaper calling rates in a few regions. The users could hence, use one of the other mobile VoIP providers, like Vonage, for making calls to one particular region, and use Talkonaut to make calls to another. This would give users ample options to communicate and allow Gtalk2VoIP to have a hold on the customer base of its competitors. Pretty smart thinking, if you ask me. This could also lead to a comparison in the minds of users where they might compare the voice quality and connectivity features of various VoIP providers and quite a few might even switch over to Talkonaut.

Regardless of how hyped is this latest version of Talkonaut is, what would really set the wheels in motion is the voice quality and call connectivity, two basic features for the success of any VoIP application. Overall, it would all boil down to how well the interface of this latest offering from Gtalk2VoIP is built. And if the previous version of Talkonaut is anything to go by, things are certainly looking good.

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